What is a micro-sponsor?

- A micro-sponsor is a fan who contributes X amount every time the club score a goal.

Example: You support a club with € 0,5 per goal. In a membership period of one month, the club scores eight goals. This means that during this period, you contribute € 0,5 x 8 goals = € 4.

When will my micro-sponsor amount be withdrawn?

- The amount is withdrawn via your chosen payment method once a month.

Example: You’ve created a micro-sponsor account on February 2nd. The amount will be withdrawn on March 1st. If you signed up on April 15th, the amount would be withdrawn on May 14th. The amount depends on how many goals the club score in the matches for a specific period. If the club score five goals in a period, and your micro-sponsor amount per goal is € 1, you are withdrawn € 5 for the period.

How do I change my payment method?

- You can change your payment method under [Your Account], where you select the [Payment Method] tab. You can see which payment method you are currently using, change payment card information and switch from payment card to MobilePay or vice versa.

How do I change my micro-sponsor amount?

- You change your micro-sponsor amount under [Your Membership]. Click on 'Change amount' here.

Please note: Your new amount will not take effect until the following membership period.

Where do I see a comprehensive overview of my contribution as a micro-sponsor?

- To see an overview of your micro-sponsor amounts, go to [Your Membership] and then press [Payments]. Here you will find a history of all micro-sponsor payments.