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Pecasu unites club, fans and sponsors

Game-changing platform

We unite club, fans and sponsors

Pecasu is a first-mover in terms of combining crowdfunding and sport sponsorship. Any club in any sport can use our platform. 


How to sign your club at Pecasu?

You can either sign up via Pecasu’s own sales team or via partners of Pecasu. After signing the contract, we customize a Pecasu site that matches the colours and theme of your club.

The only thing you have to do is take care of marketing and prizes - and Pecasu manages the rest.

Are you interested?

We embrace the power of fans

Why Pecasu is a WIN WIN WIN...

Pecasu Club


...because with our platform, the club has the opportunity to connect their sponsors with their fans.  

And most importantly, the club has a way to create a game-changing new income by letting fans make small donations each time the team scores or gets a point.

When many fans donate a small amount per goal or point, this adds up to be a serious new income for the club.

Do the math yourself...

Pecasu Sponsors


...because Pecasu gives sport sponsorship a new dimension.

Sponsors now have the opportunity to send unique offers directly to the fans within the Pecasu platform.

Pecasu enables sponsors to brand themselves and communicate directly to fans in a simple and cool way.

Pecasu’s goal is to innovate and change the world of sport sponsorship so that sponsorship in the sport industry is no longer just LED banners and a seat to a home game.


Pecasu Fans


...because if fans help their favorite club with small donations every time their team scores or gets a point, the fans can change the competitive strength of the club.

Fans that sign up and support the club have the opportunity to win cool and unique prizes such as match worn shirts, meet and greet with players and a lot more that is priceless to a real fan.

Last but not least, fans will receive unique offers from the sponsors of the club.

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