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About Pecasu


About us

At Pecasu, we are all fans! We all know the feeling of being powerless when our favorite team is struggling. This feeling led eight sport enthusiasts from Denmark towards a common goal and thereby the beginning of Pecasu. Before launching Pecasu as a worldwide brand, we initially tested the software and concept on a handful of professional Danish clubs.

Our mission is to help old traditional clubs back to where they belong. 

I sincerely hope that my club joins Pecasu! This could help make us strong again. It's a fantastic opportunity to unite our loyal fans.

Kai Michehl Fan, Eintrach Braunschweig

All you have to do is calculate the potential in your club and you’ll see the huge impact 1€ per goal from fans can have on your club.

Patrick Jensen, Team Pecasu
Sales Partner


Sales partner


Do you have a strong network in the sport industry and a passion for developing new relations?

Then partnering with Pecasu may be interesting for you.

As a partner, you are able to open new entries to the market and sign new agreements on behalf of Pecasu.

Currently, we have partners operating on the German, Belgian and Norwegian soccer market and on the German ice hockey market.


If you are curious and want to know more, please contact us.


When fans that are entrepreneurs get together to change the business, real magic happens.

Peter Bregnhøj, CEO PECASU

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