About Pecasu

Who are we? – and what’s the concept?

- Well, first and foremost, we are fans. But, we are also entrepreneurs on a mission. We all know the joy when our club wins and the pain when they lose. We also feel powerless, knowing that we can’t do anything to help the club we are passionate about.

In recent years we have seen several traditional clubs drop out of the best leagues in their respective countries. Fans of these clubs are left frustrated and unable to do anything to help.

It led us on a mission - a mission we share with all the fans of the world – an idea where we, as fans, can make a difference and together create history.

Therefore, we developed a platform that makes it easy for fans to help their club succeed. The concept is based on the Danish saying, "many streams small, make a big river." If many fans pay a small amount each month, it will make a huge difference. Do the math yourself!

Since 2017, we have tested the concept in a handful of Danish clubs. We have gathered experience and feedback from hundreds of users. We are now ready with a new and improved platform that has the user in focus.