Terms and Conditions

Versions 1.4 – 16.06.21

1. In general

1.1 These terms apply to any micro-sponsorship subscription with Pecasu Corporation. ApS, CVR no.: 37 91 92 41

1.2 A micro-sponsor membership is subscribed with a fixed amount per scored goals, which the Sports Club, which the member has chosen, scores per match. Goals scored in the home tournament, the cup tournaments, and European matches are included. Goals scored in extra time and penalty shootouts are included. Show matches and training matches are not included.

2. Membership

2.1 To subscribe for a micro-sponsorship, it is a condition that the membership is subscribed for on subscription terms, cf. section 12 (1) of the Danish Consumer Contracts Act. 1.

2.2 The member must be at least 18 years old and must not be under guardianship.

2.3 The member is responsible for ensuring that his account information, credit card information, and MobilePay information are updated and correct at all times. Therefore, if this information - or contact information - changes, please update your user account.

2.4 The membership price is calculated based on the amount chosen by the member per goal that the Sports Club scores per match played. The membership fee (micro-sponsor amount) is charged on the member's credit card or MobilePay, typically once a month. The total expenses per settlement period thus depend on how many goals the Sports Club scores in current matches since the last settlement. The settlement period depends on the date the membership was created. If the membership is created on the 7th of a month, the micro-sponsor amount will be settled on the 6th of the following month.

2.5 As a member - in addition to the payment to the Sports Club - you have the opportunity to win unique prizes.

3. Termination, changes and right of withdrawal

3.1 A user can cancel his micro-sponsor subscription with notice for the next settlement period. This means that the member fulfils the current settlement period. When the period is settled, the membership is terminated.

3.2 According to the Danish Consumer Contracts Act, the member has the right to cancel his membership no later than 14 days after he has registered, cf. section 18 (1) of the Danish Consumer Contracts Act. 1.

3.3 If the member regrets the membership within the above period, and in this withdrawal period, matches have been played that have been settled, the member is not entitled to claim the paid amount back, cf. section 18 (1) of the Danish Consumer Contracts Act. . 2, No. 2.

3.4 If the member wishes to exercise his right of withdrawal, the member must, before the expiration of the withdrawal period, make Pecasu expressly aware that the member wishes to cancel the membership. The cancellation should be sent by email to the Pecasus support team - [email protected]

3.5 The member may at any time raise or lower its micro-sponsorship amount per goal, which can be done on the Sports Club's page. Please note that the changed micro-sponsor amount will not take effect until after the next settlement period. However, a member may not lower his micro-sponsor amount to less than the club's chosen minimum amount of support on the Sports Club's side. The minimum amount may vary from club to club.

3.6 The member is obliged to change their payment information on his/her profile on the site in case of credit card, or mobile number has changed. If the member does not change his/her payment information and the payment fails, the member will be contacted by e-mail. After repeated failed payments will be registered as an inactive member without further notice.

4. Prices and Payment

4.1 The micro-sponsor amount per goal is the amount the member on the day of registration has chosen. Each time payment is withdrawn for scored goals, transaction costs equivalent to the exact transaction cost of the gateway providers used will be added. Neither the Sports Club nor Pecasu makes money on the transaction costs.

4.2 The member can pay with Dankort, VISA, MasterCard or MobilePay.

4.3 Immediately after each draw, the member receives a statement of the settlement amount, cf. section 2.4, which is continuously updated on the member's account.

5. Prize draws

5.1 If a member wishes to participate in prize draws, this must be chosen during registration or under Your profile.

5.2 The prize draw at Pecasu typically takes place monthly. Winners, information about prizes, and the next draws can be seen on the club's Pecasu front page.

5.3 If a member has not entered his address correctly on Pecasu.com, the right to prizes may lapse after 14 days.

6. Administrative costs

6.1 Pecasu charges a royalty of 10% (year 1) and 15 % (from year 2) of the contribution amount, covering the costs of operating and developing the IT platform, marketing the website, performing customer service, and transaction costs. Royalty is not added to the amount charged but deducted from the contributed amount. The remaining amount goes to the Sports Club.

7. Violation

7.1 If a member violates the agreement with Pecasu, Pecasu is entitled to exclude the member. The member's account will currently be disabled. A default is considered, but not exhaustively, non-payment and misuse of his account.

7.2 In the event of a violation, the member is not entitled to a full or partial refund and will not be able to participate in competitions and prize draw.

8. Safety and processing of personal data

8.1 Pecasu Corporation. ApS, H.C. Ørsteds Vej 17A, 9900 Frederikshavn, CVR no. 37919241, email: [email protected] is data responsible.

8.2 Our payment solution is based on the SSL standard, so the member's information provided by payment is protected by encryption.

8.3 Pecasu Corporation collects information concerning name, address, telephone number and email to identify the member when he or she uses the opportunities provided by Pecasu.com. The information is also used to identify the member when making payments at Pecasu.com. Personal information is also collected to recognise winners of competitions and to contact the winners. The Personal Data Ordinance, section 6, subsection 1 (b) and the consent given by members when they accept these conditions is the legal basis for the processing of personal data Pecasu.com does not collect or record any sensitive personal information about members.

8.4 The personal information is registered with Pecasu.com and is stored for as long as the membership lasts. If the member unsubscribes, we delete the member's data six months after the termination of the membership. By accepting these terms, you consent to Pecasu.com storing your personal information six months after your membership expires. However, personal data in accounting material is kept for five years following the Accounting Act (Danish).

8.5 The current director of Pecasu Corporation ApS and the technical managers at Pecasu have access to the information registered about the member.

8.6 Pecasu cooperates with your affiliated Sports Club. You can always find Sports Club contact information on the club’s Pecasu site. This means that we share a range of information with the Sports Club, and Pecasu and the Sports Club share the responsibility for taking care of the member's data. The sharing of the data is done by the Sports Club being granted access to the database where the members' contact information is registered. It is, of course, only the Sports Club, you micro-sponsor who has access to view your contact information. However, the Sports Club only uses the member's data in the following cases:

  • If the member has registered for the prize draw, the information about the winners' name, address, email and telephone number will be used by the Sports Club to contact the winning member to hand out the prize.
  • If the member has given consent for the Sports Club to send the member newsletters, the Sports Club will use the member's name and email to send newsletters to the member. In addition to the above and the disclosure described under clause 8.6, we do not share your personal information with others unless we have a legal obligation to do so or because it is necessary to establish or defend a legal claim. An agreement concerning the distribution of data responsibility between Pecasu.com and the Sports Club is signed, establishing a framework for the Sports Club's use of your personal information. The agreement further stipulates that Pecasu.com is responsible for the security behind the site and the handling of the personal information you enter on the site. It is also described above in which cases the Sports Club itself is responsible for the processing of your data. Notwithstanding this cooperation between Pecasu and the Sports Club, you may, however, exercise your rights under the (Danish) Data Protection Ordinance vis-à-vis both the Sports Club and us. However, if your inquiry concerns the processing of your data on Pecasu.com, it will be Pecasu.com that answers your inquiry.

8.7 The member consent to Pecasu to transfer the member's personal information in the form of the name, address, telephone number and e-mail to the Sports Club upon the termination of cooperation between Pecasu and the Sports Club. Once this transfer is done and the member's data has been deleted from Pecasu.com, Pecasu is no longer the data controller for the personal data. On the other hand, the Sports Club will continue to be data responsible for this. Please refer to the Sports Club for further information on their processing of personal data.

8.8 According to the Data Protection Ordinance, the member has several rights concerning both Pecasus and the Sports Club's processing of personal data about the member. The member has the right to gain insight regarding information that we process about him or her, plus some additional information. The member also has the right to have incorrect information about himself corrected. In special cases, the member has the right to have information about the person deleted before our general deletion occurs. In some instances, the member also has the right to have the processing of his data restricted. If the member has the right to have the processing restricted, we may in the future only process the information - apart from storage - with the member's consent, or for legal claims being established, asserted or defended, or to protect a person or important societal interests. In addition, in special cases, the member has the right to have his personal information handed out in a machine-readable format. If the member wishes to exercise his rights, or the member has questions about this, the member can always contact us. The member must also be aware that he or she has the opportunity to complain to the Danish Data Protection Agency about the processing of his or her data. The member can read more about the right to appeal and their rights at www.datatilsynet.dk.

8.9 With the acceptance of terms and conditions, the micro-sponsor grants the right to and understanding that NAME will is published when announcing winners on the CLUB's Pecasu site and social media in connection with the prize draw.

9. Technical support and contact information

9.1 Technical and member support: [email protected] Prizes, competitions and draws: - See contact information on the website under the selected club.

9.2 Contact information: Pecasu Corporation ApS H.C. Ørsteds Vej 17A 9900 Frederikshavn.

10. Complaints

10.1 Complaints regarding Pecasu can be sent to: Konkurrence- og Forbrugerstyrelsen Carl Jacobsens Vej 35 2500 Valby.

11. Choice of law and venue.

11.1 Any dispute in accordance with these conditions must be settled under Danish law at the court in Aalborg.

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