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One is many

Turn fans into micro-sponsors for your club and receive money every time you score a goal to fund important club investments. The Pecasu platform gives fans the power to make a difference for your club!

Fan engagement for everyone

We support all kinds of sports, esport and musicians. Let’s talk about your needs!

Who is Pecasu

WE ARE FANS – Just like you we feel the pain when our team is struggling. This pain led us to develop a platform that enables fans to help their club while receiving benefits and gamification elements.

By fans
for fans

“Finally someone has taken time to talk to us [fans] and create a place we like to be as fans. I’m proud to be part of a Pecasu fan focus group for the past three years, and now seeing the result. I hope my club, Djurgaardens IF join Pecasu – this community is what we need as fans”

— Peter Widing, Sweden
Djurgaarden IF fan

Djurgaarden IF