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Turn your community or fanbase into micro-sponsors

Pecasu is an easy and fast way to monetize your community or fanbase. Unlock the full monetization potential of your club or brand through data-driven subscription models that allow your community or fanbase to become performance-based micro-sponsors.

How Pecasu is changing the game

Collaboration with, Brøndby IF and fans

We are incredibly proud to welcome a new and exciting collaboration with and Brøndby IF.

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Case Study

One of the largest talent factories in Denmark optimizes the conditions for their talent development and administrative work, using an electronic platform from Pecasu, which brings together all their micro-sponsors in one place.

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Use Case

We are adding more use cases, hang on

Coming soon

Use Case

We are adding more use cases, hang on

Coming soon

Transform with Pecasu

Built for football

Works for everyone

Pecasu pays off


40% of the the family members signed up to support the EfB Academy the first half year on the platform.


The micro-sponsor pays an average of 12 DKK per goal.


EfB Academy’s work is 8x more efficient than last year.


A 19% raise in revenue income every month since start up.

How Pecasu works

Get your fans or followers to sign up as micro-sponsors, who pay a fixed monthly amount or a variable amount each time you hit a performance-based metric like a goal, point, or touchdown.

Once a month the micro-sponsors are billed and the money will be transferred to you. It’s simple, easy and secure. As a token of appreciation you can create prize draws for your micro-sponsors.

You get a branded site and Pecasu takes care of almost everything. Interested and want to dig deeper into the Pecasu platform.

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Free knowledge and insights

Sports tech

Young generations and sports consumption.

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Sport trends

Innovation, engagement and branding

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Sports Event

New sporting event is a big success

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Fan engagement

NFT - Will it improve fan engagement?

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Sports Economy

Danish club is the top financial performer of 2021

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What's next

You can contact sales if you have question about our product or how Pecasu can help you monotize your community or fanbase.

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