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We are a group of entrepreneurs on a mission. However, we are fans primarily of each our team and sport. We share the passion with millions of fans globally and the feeling of joy when our team wins. We know the pain too, when we lose, when we go through a rough patch… It hurts! But, most of all we know the feeling of being powerless and not being able to do anything for the club we are passionate about.

In recent years we’ve witnessed traditional clubs drop out of the best leagues in their respective countries - the majority because of financial issues - leaving their fans frustrated, heart-broken and unable to help their club. 

This issue led us on a mission - a mission we share with many fans around the world, with no regards to the team we support. We want to bring fans and club closer together, make fans take ownership of their support to the club. We want to create a place where fans can make an impact and create history in alliance with their club.

In sports there is a term called BIRGing which means Basking In Reflected Glory. Essentially that means when your team wins, you say “We won”, and your team loses, it’s “we lost”. We want to help fans realise that you win and you lose with your team. You are a unity and are most reliant on each other.

This concept and platform is developed for these reasons and to make it simple, easy and secure for fans to help their club. Our concept is based on the Danish saying: Many streams small, make a big river - meaning if many fans pledge a small amount each month, it will make a huge impact. Do the maths yourself.

We’ve been testing the system since 2017 in a handful of Danish clubs in soccer and handball, and have gained experience and feedback from thousands of users. Our concept is from fans by fans - not only the fans in Pecasu. But all of you fans out there are a key developer to the Pecasu platform - and your feedback will continue to improve the concept and platform. 

In early 2022 we launched our product for local and amateur clubs in Denmark - and we are now supporting and helping approximately 100 teams across four sports, which all benefit from our concept and feel it makes an impact in their club.

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