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Electronic solution eases the workload

Electronic solution eases the workload.

One of the largest talent factories in Denmark optimizes the conditions for their talent development and administrative work, using an electronic platform from Pecasu, which brings together all their micro-sponsors in one place.

In 2021, Esbjerg fB had a revenue income that was to help secure an income that went to the future stars in Esbjerg fB's academy. This revenue income went under the name goal stocks and was run primarily with signed shares and deposits or transfers. This solution secured an income for the academy, but it proved to be administratively challenging to run as one often had to ask and remind the shareholders that their payments were due. Many times it was not possible to get in touch with the shareholders at the end of the season and had to see these contributions as a lost income for the Academy. Esbjerg fB therefore sought an electronic concept for their goal stocks, in order to reduce the amount of resources that have previously been spent on the administrative and at the same time increase the revenue going to the development of homegrown talents.

"Pecasu has been very accommodating and flexible in relation to our wishes and the way we wanted to put the concept together here in EfB"
- Ole Hillerup, coordination committee EfB Academy

Collaboration offers unique opportunities.

With the Pecasu platform, it is very easy and fast to create a user and micro-sponsors can easily get an overview of which team they want to support and which subscription they want to sign up for. In this way, Esbjerg fB has avoided having to go out and contact the individual people about their payments, as the micro-sponsors are automatically drawn once a month on their card, that is based on their subscription.

After we have gone into the air with the goal stocks, the high level of service continues, and Pecasu has adjusted to the platform in relation to our wishes and needs. Says Ole Hillerup - Precisely the collaboration between Esbjerg fB and Pecasu has meant a development of the platform itself. It is through this collaboration that it is now possible to pay with MobilePay and the “Change Team”-feature has become a reality. With the “Change Team”-feature, all micro-sponsors can easily change the team they support with another team, without having to unsubscribe from their current subscription and then make a new one for another team. "Our clear desire is to develop our platform so that it always meets our customers' wishes and needs, so when we were asked if we could add this to the Pecasu Platform, we quickly began to make these additions." Says Project and Support Manager at Pecasu Patrick Langer Bjerggaard.

With the Pecasu platform, Esbjerg fB has reduced the resources that have been spent on administrative work and has the opportunity to focus more on other areas in the academy and in the world of football. Although their financial goal for this season was not met, Ole Hillerup is optimistic about the Pecasu platform and the goal stocks in the future. "It is much easier and less administratively difficult to manage this revenue income, and the opportunities to expand earnings from external sources are now real, whereas with the previous approach we were really limited to "selling" goal stocks to the players and their networks."

The Pecasu Platform is also found in many other sports clubs and sports.

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