Multiple payment solutions
Your micro-sponsor can pay with either MasterCard, Maestro, VISA or JCB. they can change their payment methods under their profile, for instance If they want to change their card or they get a new one. They can also pay with MobilePay, PayPal or something third, depending on your country.

Automatic payment
Your micro-sponsor will automatically be charged with their fee based on their subscription, and the money will automatically be put into your account. This way you don't have to charge micro-sponsors yourself and can focus on other important tasks.

Your club and teams
If you are a club with multiple teams, you can add as many teams to your rooster as you want. You can have your first team, youth teams and many more. In this way, your micro-sponsor can support the teams that they want to support instead of the club in general.

Personalised teams
Personalise every team on the website. In the backend you can personalise the headline in the team as well as the text where you can explain, what the micro-sponsors support means to you, what the money they get from you goes towards to and so on.

Flexible subscription
Your club can decide whether your micro-sponsors subscription should be a fixed amount every month or they pay a small amount every time a performance-based action in the game happens. This could be a goal, point, lap, touchdown and so on.

Automatic data collection
All data from matches where the teams are over the age of 13, will automatically be collected and register the outcome of these matches. When this data has been collected, the system will update your micro-sponsors payments to the team.

Match results
If the system doesn't automatically retrieve data from a match, race, etc. Your club or association can put in the result. You also have the possibility to write every game into the system in forehand, so you only have to register the results after the game has been played.

Supportive micro-sponsor
Under every team on the front-end, you can see how many micro-sponsors is attached to a certain team. Under the team you can also see what amount the overall micro-sponsors support the team with evert month or on the performance-based action.

Overview on micro-sponsors
In the backend you can see how many micro-sponsors the club have in total and also how much they sponsor by each performance based action or on a monthly basis depending on their subscription and see what revenue each team generates.

Set up competitions where your micro-sponsors automatically are a part of. These competitions will only be for your micro-sponsors. This could be various prizes depending on what you will give to your micro-sponsors and potentially what a sponsor can offer.

Draw Prize Winner
You can choose to pick a winner from the competition by drawing yourself or you can let the winner be drawn automatically. After this an email will be sent to the winner, who must claim the price by link. You can see if the prize has been claimed in the backend.

Revenue reports
Retrieve monthly reports from the backend. In the backend you can download every report that has been generated after a month has been completed. In these reports your club can see, which team had which income so the money can be distributed correctly.

Personalised website
In the backend of the Pecasu platform, you can show your logo and colours that are pervasive throughout the platform and under the different teams. Under the teams you can personalise them, by having different photos as the background so it shows that specific team.

Promotion of micro-sponsors
Your club can choose whether they want to display their latest micro-sponsors, show prizes in their next prize draw and show which micro-sponsors won the latest prizes. All of this can be set up in the backend along with an amount of money they want to raise.

Team targets
Set up a target goal where you have an amount of money that you want to raise to buy something specific for that team. In this target goal the micro-sponsors can see how much the target is on and how much that already has been raised.

Your micro-sponsors can pay more than what they pay in their monthly subscription. This will be by a one-time-fee they can pay under the team, the same place they started their subscription. This can also be used by people who don't want to be tied to a monthly subscription.

Partner wall
On the Pecasu Platform your club also has the possibility to showcase your partners to give them more exposure and publicity. With this possibility you could also get the option to raise a little extra money from through the sponsorship, to have their logo on the Platform.

As a customer at Pecasu you will gain access to our support team. Our competent employees will quickly help you with any problem you might encounter, either with the Platform, reports, payments and so on. Our support is also completely free.

Marketing packages
Every customer at Pecasu will receive marketing packages four times a year for their own use, to promote the Pecasu platform and help them get more micro-sponsors. These packages include flyers, physical posters and digital posters or pictures and social media posts.

Change team
If your micro-sponsors support a team and want to switch to another, they can easily change this in their profile without cancelling their subscriptions. This is commonly used, when a player on the team switches to another team in the club.

Share on Facebook
The micro-sponsor can share their support on Facebook after signing up to your site. This can help hype other people to do the same and support either their favourite professional team or the local sports club, where they support their kids, grandkids, nephew or niece.

Third-party login
Micro-sponsors can use a third party login, if they don’t want to create a new account. In this way, the micro-sponsors will be able to keep several accounts to an already existing account. At the moment they can login using their facebook account.

Personal data
As a part of the danish GDPR rules, any micro-sponsor will be able to erase their personal data at any time. All personal data will be wiped completely from their profile. Before deleting their personal data, they can download their data, to see what information they have given.

Change subscription
Your micro-sponsors can at any time change monthly subscription. If a micro-sponsor wants to change the amount they support a team with, they can either raise or lower their subscription depending on what the new amount is, they want to support with.

Personalised profile
All of your micro-sponsors can personalise their account. Not only will they be able to upload the photo they want to have displayed on their profile, they can also change their display name to anything they want. This can also be used, to be completely anonymous.

Payment history
Under the micro-sponsors profile, they will be able to overview over their payments. If they support more than one team, they can see exactly what they pay to each team. They also have the ability to look at their payment history, to see what they already have supported a team with.

Promotion material
As a part of the marketing packages, the club will receive material to promote the micro-sponsor platform. Depending on your club's marketing package, you will receive flyers, posters, pictures and videos you can use to promote the platform, both as a new initiative or and as a reminder for your fans.

Pecasu Services
The competent employees at Pecasu handle everything for your club and maintain the solution. This way your club will only have to focus on the promotion of the platform through marketing on your social medias or other communication channels.

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