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Go to Your Membership. You'll notice a Cancel membership button next to the team you support. To complete your cancellation, press the button.

Note: Your cancellation period lasts until your next billing period. For example, if you signed up for a micro-sponsor account on 15 July and cancel your membership on 3 March, your membership will expire on 15 March.

If you want to change the amount you pledge to your team click on Your Membership. You’ll find a button that says Change Amount. Choose the amount and click Confirm.

Note: If you downgrade your micro-sponsor amount, the change will take effect from the next billing period.

Under Your Membership and Payments, you are able to see details concerning your contributions.

You can change your payment method under Your Account and Payment Method. Just click on Add Payment Method and fill in your new information.

Your membership is divided into periods. The duration of each period is one month. You are billed on the same date each month.

Example: Your membership starts the 14th July. Your membership period is from the 14th July to 14th August. Next period is 14th August to 14th September and so on.

Your membership is divided into periods. The duration of each period is one month, starting from the date of your micro-sponsor registration.

When signing up you have chosen an amount either per goal, per point or other performance-based metric, or a fixed monthly amount.

  • If you choose a fixed monthly payment, you always know what to pay each month.
  • If you choose a performance-based metric, your payment will vary based on how your team performs.

Example: You support a soccer team with €0,5 per goal. In your membership period, which lasts a month, the team scores eight goals. This means that in this period you contribute €0,5 x 8 goals = €4.

A micro-sponsor is a fan that contributes to their team or athlete with a chosen amount every time the team or athlete hits a performance-based metric such as goals, points, touchdowns, medals etc. It could also be a fixed monthly amount.

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