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You want to fund an investment in e.g. your youth academy, stadium- or arena improvements, or a fan zone etc. - well, we have a perfect solution for you - convert your fans to micro-sponsors and get new revenue for your investments.

With the Pecasu platform you get a white label solution that fits your needs. The solution is tailored to your needs and all we need from you is the right purpose for the campaign.* 

You can collect money every time you hit a performance-based metric like goal, points, touchdowns etc., or just as a fixed monthly payment. 

Your micro-sponsors are billed monthly like regular subscriptions, however with performance-based metrics, the amount you receive will vary from one month to the next and also vary from one micro-sponsor to the next. This is what makes it fun!

Pecasu automatically collects the earnings from your fans each month. We then send the money to you either monthly or quarterly. Pecasu takes a royalty of 10% the first year for support, hosting, administration fee ect. From the second year onwards we take 15% in royalty.

Want to learn more about the technical terms of the finances and how it works - please get in touch with Jesper at mail and phone number or Peter at mail and phone number.

As a token of your appreciation towards your micro-sponsors you can create prize draws with e.g. memorabilia, gift cards, VIP-tickets, stadium tour etc.

If you have a certain investment you need funding for e.g. fan zone with an expenditure of €1.000.000, it is possible to put a target bar on to your site. When your micro-sponsors are billed the amounts are put into this target bar and your micro-sponsors and other fans can follow your progress.

Furthermore, the site has a function called one-time payment. This is for fans that don’t want to be part of a longer contribution period or one of your partners that want to help you reach your target.

To give you a better understanding of how it works for the micro-sponsor concerning payment to the club have a look;

Club B plays basketball and is live on Pecasu. They want to invest in youth development and give their young players better opportunities for playing basketball at a high level and at the same time use as many home grown players as possible.

A micro-sponsor pledge to give €0.01 every time the club nets a point. The micro-sponsor is billed monthly on the day of the month he/she signs up - just like a normal subscription. The micro-sponsor signs up March 10.

In the micro-sponsors first billing period, club B plays four games and gets 340 points in total. For this first period, stretching from March 10 to April 10, the micro-sponsor is billed 340 points x €0.01 = €3,4.

Next billing period, from April 10 to May 10, club B plays five games and scores a total of 450 points. The micro-sponsor is billed 450 points x €0.01 = €4,5.

And so it goes on and on and on…

Performance-based metrics are good for sports keeping score such as soccer, basketball, handball, ice hockey etc.

Additionally, we have a solution for sports like swimming, cycling, gymnastics, and others that don't keep scores in the same manner as the sports described above. Here it’s possible to create a monthly fixed payment solution toward your fans and followers. 

Learn more about individual sports here.

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