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The Pecasu platform is a white label website, which we as a company set up for you, but you can always change pictures, logos, teams, colors and so on in the backend, which is pervasive throughout the website.

Your club will have full control over the website, where you will have access to the backend, and you will have the opportunity to customize the website. In the backend you can add as many teams as you like so every team in your club will be shown and can be supported by micro-sponsors. You can also rearrange the buttons for each team so it will be shown in the order that you want.

If you want to give something back to your micro-sponsors, you will have the ability to set up prizes that will be drawn in the backend. These prizes can either be drawn automatically, so you don't physically have to do it, or you can do it by yourself with the press of a button, and the system will pick a winner for you. If you are a club with multiple sports, you can have all platforms for each sport collectively on one site or you can choose to split them up in the respective sports. If you choose to have more than one site for each sport your club will have a backend for each sport instead of the one, if you had all sports together on one site.

Your micro-sponsors can decide for themselves which team in the club they want to support, and they can either support them every time the team scores a goal or for a monthly fee. This depends on how you as a club would like to have your income. In the backend you can specify different amounts the micro-sponsor is able to pay for each goal or each month. They can also pay a price of their own choosing if they want to pay something else or more, than the default prices you have on the page. They will also have the opportunity to switch the team they support, without canceling their current subscription and then start a new one.

If they don't want to be bound to a monthly fee, you as a club can set up a one-time-fee, where people can pay what they want. This could be used by a partner, so they could give a contribution to the club beside their normal sponsorship. You can choose to receive the money monthly or quarterly. For every month that the club has the Pecasu platform, you can download an invoice for every month that has been completed and posted.

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