What does the future of esports look like?

In modern times, Esports have been a topic that has been questioned, discussed whether it is a sport and the lack of good health between the players and gamers in general. In the last couple of years esports have been a common topic in the world and what the future looks like in the esports community.

Many think that esports is quite new, but the first competition in a computer game dates back to 1972, where a tournament was held at Stanford University in the US, in the game Spacewars. The development of esports from 1972 to 2022 is increased heavily, that is why it is intriguing to look at the future of esports today. It is expected, that the esports markets size will reach a little over 3.5 billion dollars in 2027, which is a growth of 21%.

The Esports world has been vastly impacted by the outbreak of Covid-19 in a positive way. With most people under lockdown in their own homes during the pandemic and created a social distancing, people gathered around digital solutions to uphold the social community. In addition to people turning to digital solutions to stay in touch, many people also turned to the gaming section, with the lockdown compelling sports active and interested people to stay indoors. This meant higher awareness for gaming both on consoles and on PC, which meant that a lot of people had to upgrade for their PC, to match the system requirements of their chosen games. With tournaments getting more and more attention during the pandemic the higher interest esports got and we are now looking at a future of esports, where the demand and interest is rising.

Some of the key factors to the rise of popularity in esports can be found in the influence of technology and the winnings, for teams entering sports tournaments, is getting higher and higher. This is of course a consequence of the huge prizepools, which each tournament can provide and therefore attract even more gamers, spectators, and sponsors. The development of esports has vastly increased so much that even some universities and colleges are offering scholarships and esports courses to students, like any other sport like Football, basketball, tennis and so on. This gives a lot of young people the possibility to try and make it a professional career, which in the coming years will mean an even bigger growth of esports in the future.

In the world of esports lies still a lot of challenges, which can have big consequences for sponsors, tournaments, advertising, organizations, and their players. The problems lie in the authenticity of tournaments, and the increasing numbers of tournaments that come to life. This also includes scams and fraudulent tournaments, which questions the authenticity of the legitimacy of tournament organizers.

Even though these challenges exist, the future of esports looks promising and could very well be a competitor to the more common and well-known sports in the world.

This is a recap of the article Global esports market to 2027 by GlobeNewswire.

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